Drain Cleaning 

Morgan Miller services all types of drains, from a single unit to an entire building, we have the equipment and knowledge to keep your drains flowing smoothly. Whether you have an emergency clog or need preventative maintenance, MMP can handle that!


We install, test, service, and repair all make and sizes of residential and commercial backflow devices.  Morgan Miller Plumbing will file the test results with your municipality making the testing process and paperwork easy and convenient for you.

Grease INterceptors

Grease traps are a stinky business! But they are a vital part of many Kansas City businesses. At Morgan Miller, we professionally service, repair and replace all types and sizes of both interior and exterior grease interceptors.


Hydro jetting

Jetting can cut through the toughest clogs of grease, debris, and even tree roots.  Morgan Miller has a variety of jetting options to service drains both large and small with either interior or exterior access.


Video INspection

Sometimes you just need to see what’s going on inside your plumbing system. Morgan Miller has a variety of video inspection equipment that can be used to check out what’s going on behind the scenes.


Tenant Finish

Your buildings plumbing system and interconnectivity are the bones of the structure. It is most important to have that done right…always. We will provide your business with the 3P’s of tenant finishing: Proper Plumbing Planning.


Smoke Test

There is nothing worse than a mystery sewer smell in your building. The most efficient and cost-effective way to track down a sewer gas leak is smoke testing.

Water & Sewer line Repair

A commercial building with a water or sewer line break can bring business to a halt for all the tenants. We understand the cost of this downtime and provide a one hour response time for all commercial water and sewer line breaks

Line & Leak Detection 

We use state-of-the-art sounding equipment to locate pipes leaking underground. Using the sound the water makes leaking from the pipe, we can pinpoint where the line is leaking even when no water may be presenting itself.