Hot Food, Cool Design


Stylish Urban

The American burger restaurant is as common as apple pie or 4th of July fireworks. So, how do you transform a well-known concept and create a way to make it stand out from the herd?

Enter BRGR Kitchen + Bar, a progressive restaurant concept that proves to even the snobbiest foodies that the burger can be a sophisticated meal. Offering unique sandwiches such as the “Steakhouse Burger” with watercress & steak sauce to the “Fast Cow,” a burger that’s espresso-encrusted. (We see what they did there.)

The restaurant’s interior design focuses on modern style with geometric décor and a mix of wood and brushed metallic finishes. The atmosphere is hip and cool, and the bathroom facilities are no exception.


Breaking Down Barriers


The restrooms have an open view with both men and women sharing the same sinks. Before the four individual bathrooms is a bank of three sinks that are designed with a rustic farmhouse vibe. It’s distinctive from the modern front of house but complements it nonetheless.

brgr bath

The walls of each bathroom are floor to ceiling and there are full-length doors on each restroom with a deadbolt lock.

Each restroom has its own name. The women’s are Flo and Vera while the men’s are a bit more obvious…Jon and Lou.

“Alan Gaylin (CEO & founder), our architect and I went around the country to find ideas and this open concept restrooms was very common in large cities,” said Tara Van Loenen, VP of Marketing & Branding for Bread & Butter Concepts (the company that owns BRGR).

“We thought it was really a neat idea, because a person gets the privacy of their own room for using the facilities, but we save space by using a communal sink.”


brgr flo


Gaylin, as a restaurateur, appreciates great architecture and design. BRGR took a risk introducing an uncommon restroom design but their customers have embraced them and appreciate the new, modern approach to the food, service and environment.

Check out the unique restrooms at BRGR + Kitchen and Bar at the Power & Light District, and grab yourself a burger or a handcrafted cocktail. (We know you want to!)