Morgan Miller Plumbing: Yikes Strange Drain Finds

Stange Drain Finds

Have you ever wondered what happens to little Goldy the goldfish after he was flushed down the drain? We like to think he eventually made his way to fishy heaven, but chances are Goldy ended up in the labyrinth of sewage tunnels in Kansas City….but stranger things have happened.

Here’s a list of five pretty strange things people have found in their drains:

  1. False Teeth: Many people with grandparents know about sterile liquid they drop their dentures in overnight for a good cleansing. False teeth are some of the most common clogs found by plumbers. Be sure to remind grandma and grandpa to lock their teeth in whenever they use the bathroom!
  2. Engagement Rings: A technician answered a house call to recover an engagement ring. A newly engaged woman accidentally dropped her engagement ring down the sink. The trusty plumber cut into the wall, ran a camera through the pipe, cut it and pulled out the bling with a pair of tweezers. Needless to say, her fiancée was happy to splurge on a house call to recover his $10,000 investment.
  3. Cell Phones: Smartphones have found their way down toilets. Everyone has passed the time on the john by surfing the web or playing Angry Birds. It’s no surprise that with these devices becoming smaller and sleeker, they sometimes slip out of our hands and into the pot on which we sit.
  4. Alligators: This is something you see more along the Coast. Some of these reptiles reportedly slithered their way up into the pipes of residential homes. Imagine the shock of the homeowner who made that house call!
  5. Toys: It’s well known that Toddlers are prone to give various toys and small objects the “flush test” to determine what swims and what sinks. Make sure you wrangle in  your little rascal before Malibu Barbie finds her way into a whirlpool.

Whatever weird object has created the stoppage in your sewer line, you can be sure to contact Morgan Miller Plumbing for all your plumbing needs!