Red Door Grill - Bathrooms for All.

Red Door Grill- Brookside Waldo Area

Red Door Mens

This city never ceases to surprise us. The people we meet. The events around it that encourage us all to enjoy one another and the moments they provide. The camaraderie alone gives us pride to be a business in such an amazing city.

With certain areas of town comes certain neighborhood spots and one of our favorites is The Red Door Grill in Brookside. Taking the opportunity when we can to visit the local bar and grill, one of the core places in the restaurant stood out.

The Bathrooms, of course.  

Red Door Grill

In a small nook between the outdoor space and the restaurant itself the facilities reside. One long gorgeous sink, large enough to accommodate everyone who needs it sits in between the actual stalls. On the left, the Women’s doors, on the right the Men’s.  Each room or closet gives maximum privacy to its occupant.

The attention to detail, the cleanliness of the space maximized by the dark wood doors and elegant white tiles will catch your attention. After talking with Brian, the General Manager about the design concept he discussed how the Brookside and Waldo areas are older but they are areas of town that encourage forward thinking and enjoy simple concepts when it comes to their homes.

“We want Red Door patrons to feel comfortable when they are here.”  Laughing beside one of the Men’s spaces he continued on “and out there” motioning towards the restaurant itself.

While the concept of shared bathrooms seems to be catching on all over the city the way Red Door orchestrated this one is very unique. The idea of a bathroom “space” conveniently placed closer together but allowing privacy is not a simple feat to execute. Yet they did.