Top Ten Tubular Bathtubs

I believe it was Ernie who claimed the “rubber ducky” is what made bath time “so much fun”. But how often do we overlook the tub itself? The following is a collection of ten bathtubs so fun, so creative, so totally tubular… you won’t even need the ducky.

10. Pod Bathtub

The i-Sopod floatation tank is the height of relaxation, so long as you’re not claustrophic. This pod is lit with LEDs with programmable lighting and music. The effect is a futuristic, womb-like sanctuary, so good at alleviating physical stress it is commonly used by professional athletes.


9. Bubble Bathtub 

From bathing with bubbles to bathing inside of one, this transparent tub is probably not best for the modest bather. This bathtub by Russian designer Alexander Zhukovsky fills from the ceiling, so it can also double as a shower. And if the unique shape wasn’t enough, this tub also has custom-controlled temperature, humidity, light and sound.

8. Golden Bathtub

For many years, this lavish tub adorned the Kominato Hotel in Japan. The bathtub was made of 18-karat gold and stainless steel, and was estimated to cost roughly one million dollars. For reasons unknown, no one thought to put a video camera on this prized possession, and the tub was mysteriously stolen from the hotel in 2007 without a trace.


7. Book Bathtub

Ever curled up in the bathtub with a good book? How about curling up in a bathtub made of good books? Titled ‘Bath of Knowledge’, this art piece by Vanessa Mancini may not be functional, but it’s certainly ingenious. Mancini custom cut each recycled book to rest perfectly on a tub-shaped metal frame. Perfect for a hygiene-obsessed bookworm!


6. Boulder Bathtub  

 Although little is known about this trippy bathtub, its sheer creativity is hard to ignore. Apparently carved from a granite boulder, the tub’s real novelty comes from above: in the form of a chandelier that doubles as a showerhead. A perfect blend of nature and elegance!

5.   Rotating Bathtub

As a general rule, you should never flip over your bathtub. If your bathtub is the Disambigua Rotating tub, however, flipping your tub is a requirement. Designed to save space, the Disambigua tub can instantly turn from tub to sink in one rotation. Just be careful to drain your water before you flip it!

4.   Hammock Bathtub

What’s more relaxing, a bathtub or a hammock? With the Vessel Hammock Bathtub, you don’t have to choose! This ingenious tub is made of carbon fiber, making it light enough to hang, and suspended above the ground for maximum relaxation. This Hammock tub comes variety of colors, but there’s no cost stated on their official website, so expect a major price tag.

3.   Color-Changing Bathtub

Ever wanted to bathe in a rainbow? Of course you have. But before you start pouring food coloring into your bubble bath, check out this bathtub by Takeshita Co.  Named “Hotaru”, Japanese for “firefly”, this tub is packed with dynamic LED lights that subtly shift into a variety of colors. You too can turn your bathroom into a rave party for just $8,639 bucks.


2. High-Heeled Bathtub

Now here’s a bathtub fit for a modern queen. Italian designer Massimiliano Della Monaca combines art and function with this tub in the shape of an opulent high-heeled shoe. The bathtub is covered in a mosaic of precious glass in a variety of colors, and curved to fit the body comfortably. It costs a steep $17,000, but that’s chump change compared to the price tag on our final tub…


1.   Crystal Bathtub

What is it with Italy and unbelievably gorgeous bathtubs? The Baldi Rock Crystal bathtub is one of the most beautiful tubs in the world, and at $790,000 certainly one of the most expensive. Carved from a single block of Amazonian white rock crystal, there are only three of these tubs in existence, the most recent selling for an impressive $1.5 million. Baldi, the Italian company famous for its luxury tubs, says the rocks took three months to excavate deep in the Amazon rainforest.