Morgan Miller Plumbing: Yikes Strange Drain Finds

Stange Drain Finds

Have you ever wondered what happens to little Goldy the goldfish after he was flushed down the drain? We like to think he eventually made his way to fishy heaven, but chances are Goldy ended up in the labyrinth of sewage tunnels in Kansas City….but stranger things have happened.

Here’s a list of five pretty strange things people have found in their drains:

  1. False Teeth: Many people with grandparents know about sterile liquid they drop their dentures in overnight for a good cleansing. False teeth are some of the most common clogs found by plumbers. Be sure to remind grandma and grandpa to lock their teeth in whenever they use the bathroom!
  2. Engagement Rings: A technician answered a house call to recover an engagement ring. A newly engaged woman accidentally dropped her engagement ring down the sink. The trusty plumber cut into the wall, ran a camera through the pipe, cut it and pulled out the bling with a pair of tweezers. Needless to say, her fiancée was happy to splurge on a house call to recover his $10,000 investment.
  3. Cell Phones: Smartphones have found their way down toilets. Everyone has passed the time on the john by surfing the web or playing Angry Birds. It’s no surprise that with these devices becoming smaller and sleeker, they sometimes slip out of our hands and into the pot on which we sit.
  4. Alligators: This is something you see more along the Coast. Some of these reptiles reportedly slithered their way up into the pipes of residential homes. Imagine the shock of the homeowner who made that house call!
  5. Toys: It’s well known that Toddlers are prone to give various toys and small objects the “flush test” to determine what swims and what sinks. Make sure you wrangle in  your little rascal before Malibu Barbie finds her way into a whirlpool.

Whatever weird object has created the stoppage in your sewer line, you can be sure to contact Morgan Miller Plumbing for all your plumbing needs!


Morgan Miller Plumbing: Top 10 Spectacular Sinks

We all know the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink”, but what does it really mean? Why not “everything but the carpet” or “everything but the big screen TV”? Most say it’s because a sink is harder to move, but at Morgan Miller Plumbing we like to think it’s because the sink is just so fantastic. Who could possibly give one up? In celebration of this cleanser of dish and hand, we give you… the Top Ten Spectacular Sinks of all time!

10. The Rotating Sink


To start out our list, a winning combination of form and function, this Rotating Sink comes from Tim Odom of Kitchen + Bath Artisans. Cutting boards, colanders, a drain rack, and stainless steel bowls are interchangeable, and each can slide 360 degrees around the faucet, creating a more customized and integrated kitchen prep experience. Practical and attractive? Yes please!

9. The Squish Flexible Sink by Joel

Here is another sink that moves, though it’s probably less practical. The Squish Flexible Sink was designed by Joel Hoag, and uses flexible rubber to allow users to adjust the depth of the basin. It’s an ingenious idea, but holding so much water in such a flexible bowl seems a little risky. The sink was designed back in 1999, so it looks like this novel idea never took off.


8. The Garden Sink


Coming in at number 8, another beautiful, high concept sink…that might not be so practical. Jean-Michel Gauvreau of Gau Designs created The Zen Garden Sink with a simple premise: use the water that runs from your sink to grow plants. The idea is marvelous and the sink looks so freaking cool. But the reality is, water isn’t the only thing that goes down sinks. How many plants could really survive on a diet of shaving cream and toothpaste?

7. The Bisynk

Rounding out this section of conceptual and questionable sinks, it’s the Bisynk! Yes, that’s a “bicycle” and “sink” combined. Jang Wooseok designed the Bisynk with conservation in mind. Water won’t leave the tap until put in some pedaling, making you really work for those clean hands! The intent is to have users appreciate their water more and waste less, and with more than a billion people alive without access to safe water, perhaps this funny-looking sink is nothing to laugh at.




6. The Spiral “Ammonite” Sink

And now for something completely different! This highly unique washbasin is called the “Ammonite” sink, inspired by the valuable extinct fossil of the same name. Made of solid concrete, imagine all the fun objects one could send spiraling down the drain!


5. The Ice Sink

This glass vanity top and integrated sink come from Signature Arts Glass, which provides a variety of custom glass statement pieces. The thick 3/4″ glass, motion texture, and drip edge with L.E.D. lighting gives this sink a hypnotic icy effect.

4. The Wood Sink

Very little can be found about the designer of this one-of-a-kind polished wood sink. We do know the sink support is made from a real tree, with a unique opening for storage. The black chains, lanterns, and wood paneling give the space a distinct rustic look. If you happen to know about this sink’s designer, leave us a comment!


3. The Crystal Sink

If you’ve read our other top ten lists, this sink might seem familiar to you. It’s actually a companion piece to the Baldi Crystal Tub, which earned top honors on our list of Top Ten Tubular Bathtubs. The Crystal Rock Sink is carved from a single block of crystal, taking 500 hours of labor to create, and is only available on custom order. This striking sink can go for as much as $50,000, and claims to be the most expensive sink around, but that distinction actually goes to…

2. The Gold Sink

Yes, it may just look like a fancy dog bowl, but you’re actually looking at the most expensive sink in existence! Stockholm-based Luxury Edition & Gallery offers a range of luxury bath and home furniture, and they aimed high with this 24 karat gold gold basin outfitted with your choice of precious gems. Asking price? $80,000. If you can’t get enough bathroom bling, check out our Top 10 Toilets on Planet Earth list, which includes the famed Golden Toilet.


1. The Reflecting Sink

What glorious sink could possibly win over an $80,000 price tag? Well, it may not be the most expensive or innovative, but it’s easily the most beautiful. This “Motif Basin” from design company Omvivo has a base of etched glass which casts an ornate light pattern over the vanity top. The glass etchings comes in three patterns, all of them beautiful. Sleek, simple, and practical wins the day!

Honorable Mentions: