Morgan Miller Plumbing: Goals Again?

Last week we started yet another goal setting campaign within our company with a twist.

This time we had two of our technicians carry out the mission to the rest of us. What a difference that made! Within minutes, some goals were stated that are going to change lives when fulfilled.

For instance, one associate wanted to go to school to gain better English comprehension. This wonderful high producing technician has been in this country nearly 20 years and has completely self taught himself English up to now. We admire anyone coming from afar to carve out a better life for themselves and their families as this takes more courage than we can imagine.

Long story short- We found a class for him that starts in a few weeks and not only is he going to attend but we have invited his wife of 20 years who hails from the same country to attend with him. That way he has a study buddy and the two of them can have a great time together. Of course we will invest the entire amount not just because we can but because we should.

Another techs goal was to purchase a motorcycle. He knew the color, type, price and head gear package he needed. He even brought in an action plan as to how to achieve his goal. You could tell this young man has given this project, this dream, this goal much forethought. Now it’s our job to help him achieve his goal, his dream by providing him with more work than he knows what to do with.

After meeting each and every associate our goals suddenly changed. Now our goal is to see our associates goals, their dreams, come true. This time, somehow, someway our goal setting adventure has taken off to become something all together different. This time we all seem to be in it together. Perhaps it’s because the technicians are leading the charge themselves, who knows?

We do know this though: We get to be front and center to helping people live a better, more purposeful life. Hopefully, if we are fortunate enough to be invited, we will be sitting front and center of that technicians graduation when he and his wife complete their English Comprehension course.

Just another delicious side treat of being an entrepreneur. Being involved in others goals and dreams. What more could anyone want or ask for out of life?

Goals,again? REALLY!!