Morgan Miller Plumbing: Social Media Tips

Morgan Miller Social Media Tips

By: Morgan Miller Team

Making it about you is a deadly course:

There is always another way to phrase your message.  Take the extra time to figure out how to always make it about them. This will pay giant dividends for you and your brand.

Keep it light:

It’s hard for anyone to want to read a technical thesis about your cause. Make your message snappy and fresh. Allow your audience to be provoked and wanting more.

No bouncing:

Once you have decided to make the leap into any Social Media it’s crucial you stay in. Those who bounce in and out have a hard time gaining any traction with an audience.


Stick with it. Don’t give up too easily. It may take time, but all of the social media platforms out there will bring attention to your brand if you just stay at it.

Be nice:

Even if you want to jump into your smart phone because you believe someone just posted something completely insane, walk away. Your comments are permanent, you never know who else may be watching.

Best be Switzerland (Neutral):

An easy way to eliminate your potential customer is to start throwing your opinion around. This is a slippery slope that is very difficult to recover from.


As you start on any platform try to press a new button each time you log on. It’s a great way to stay plugged in and become an “expert”. Remember, you can’t break it!

It’s never too late:

The social media world is changing so rapidly it simply does not matter if you are just coming in to the game. Though it’s natural to think you may be too late you never are. The next update is forever on the way.