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Morgan Miller Plumbing: Social Media Tips

Morgan Miller Social Media Tips

By: Morgan Miller Team

Making it about you is a deadly course:

There is always another way to phrase your message.  Take the extra time to figure out how to always make it about them. This will pay giant dividends for you and your brand.

Keep it light:

It’s hard for anyone to want to read a technical thesis about your cause. Make your message snappy and fresh. Allow your audience to be provoked and wanting more.

No bouncing:

Once you have decided to make the leap into any Social Media it’s crucial you stay in. Those who bounce in and out have a hard time gaining any traction with an audience.


Stick with it. Don’t give up too easily. It may take time, but all of the social media platforms out there will bring attention to your brand if you just stay at it.

Be nice:

Even if you want to jump into your smart phone because you believe someone just posted something completely insane, walk away. Your comments are permanent, you never know who else may be watching.

Best be Switzerland (Neutral):

An easy way to eliminate your potential customer is to start throwing your opinion around. This is a slippery slope that is very difficult to recover from.


As you start on any platform try to press a new button each time you log on. It’s a great way to stay plugged in and become an “expert”. Remember, you can’t break it!

It’s never too late:

The social media world is changing so rapidly it simply does not matter if you are just coming in to the game. Though it’s natural to think you may be too late you never are. The next update is forever on the way.


Morgan Miller Plumbing: The Social Revolution

Facebook  Map 1

With a major recession squeezing small businesses and big business as big as ever, how is a local company supposed to thrive and continue getting its name out to customers? Our answer came in the form of a service most of us use all the time: our Facebook. |


Facebook Map 2

| In the age of social media, it has never been easier or less expensive to let people know you exist, and that logic also applies to small businesses. Today you can broadcast any message (or offer) to as many people who will listen, for free. People aren’t buying directories anymore, they’re looking up what they need online, and at no cost your business can be a part of it. If you provide a service that’s worth raving about, people will find a way to rave publicly on sites like Yelp. Of course this increased connectedness can work against you, making your company slip ups more visible than ever (see the Amy’s Baking Company debacle for a master class in what not to do). The best way to deal with these public mistakes is to try to take the criticism constructively, remember we’re all human, and try to never make that same mistake twice. In the end, this increased transparency adds up to a more level playing field than ever; where the best have a better chance of rising to the top, regardless of size.

For those companies willing to put themselves out there and “work it”, the rewards can be phenomenal. Every time we hear someone say social media’s just a fad or waste of time, we remember so was rock and roll, so was the internet, the mobile phone. There are 15 million companies on Facebook now. 15 million. Millions more on Linkedin, Twitter, the list goes on. So every time we hear those words, “fad”, we can’t help but think the person’s just in denial, or afraid of change. There are some bandwagons you just have to jump on, or you’ll be left alone in a ghost town, and social media is one of them.

|Social media is the new neighbor on the block. Except instead of talking across a fence, you’re talking across the world. Just wait until figures start coming in about how much commerce has been produced from social media. For our company, it has changed everything. It’s sharpened our skills, made it easier to refer others and find products, to stay updated on our community, and has made conducting business generally more enjoyable. So jump on board the social media bandwagon: we guarantee you’ll be a better, more aware company for it.

social media bandwago

Morgan Miller Plumbing: I Am Just a Dentist

You want to talk social networking? Okay, lets talk social networking… Seems everywhere I travel that’s all anyone wants to talk about anyway so might as well write about it too!

Yesterday while attending my mandatory 6 month visit to the dentist sure enough, that is all he wanted to talk about. How does it work, how do I get started, does it cost money, who is there to help me, how did you get started… And I mean I would have answered all these had he not had his hand in my mouth cleaning my pearly whites. Have you ever tried to answer questions while your dentist has your mouth wide open? It is really difficult, but being the go getter that I am I did try, and by the way my dentist is a great one, been visiting him this side of 20 years and without his great abilities my smiles would be something left to be desired, for sure. My dentist started to spin a story about his twin boys and how they had rebuilt a home recently by exclusively using Google. They had googled every sub contractor, the painter, the electrician, the carpenters, everyone involved they found from Google! My dentist was surprised by this and asked his boys how in the world can you do that. As I said earlier, I’ve been with this dentist for many years so he and I have a lot in common, including age. So to him the Google world is still a dark mysterious journey only the young are enticed to, not the friendly, helpful, resourceful place many are learning it to be. So he couldn’t understand how this could all be done.

His boys then informed him that each contractor has a web presence, most had reviews from numerous review sites, most had Facebook accounts so they could see pictures and get a feel for the contractors personality. Finding the right contractor for the job was a breeze for them. My dentist was fascinated by the reality of being able to do this all by the computer. In fact, I discussed with him on how to get plugged in and turned on to the whole social networking world.

Social networking, you want to talk social networking. Yes, indeed couldn’t even get past the dentist without discussing the magic that is social networking. So maybe, just maybe, a consulting we will go? Who knows, stranger things have happened. I do know this: people are beginning to know, people are ready to learn the social networking game before they get passed by. Trust me, if you are not plugged in you ARE getting past by! Those boys would of never known those contractors existed unless they had an internet presence. This led to thoughts such as wondering how many great contractors are getting left behind. For that matter, how many great dentists are getting left out in the cold. Yes, times are a changin and the sooner the small businesses of the world get turned on and tuned in the sooner you’ll have more work than you could ever handle.