KC Commodes: Commodes that Mean Business

Kansas City is the IT town. We’ve got it all: A-List sports teams, America’s best BBQ, booming local business, robust history and architecture, a vibrant arts and music scene, and food that is making National Top 25 Lists – the buzz about this great city is not going anywhere. We’re a city of great things, but here at Morgan Miller Plumbing, we know that we’re also a city of great bathrooms!

We are taking a closer look at the places we go. Bathrooms are shared experiences among all of us and a decent place to go is always an important factor in our daily comforts. Which is why we want to show you the best places to go in KC. From fancy tiled walls to geometrics sinks, we’re checking out the bones of the city from behind the scenes (literally) in our “Stalling Out – KC Commodes that mean business” blog.

Stay tuned for our first KC Commode: Anton’s Taproom!

Morgan Miller Plumbing: Never Give Up

Never Give Up

It’s easy to give up.

In our history there have been ample opportunities to pack it in, shut it down, call it quits, yet, we keep going no matter what. And of course with each of these occurrences we come out on the other side stronger and more determined than ever. These lessons we take to our jobs each day.  When calling upon Morgan Miller Plumbing you have a time tested company that perseveres and remains dedicated to the task at hand, which is serving the customer.

It’s this type of tenacity that customers, vendors and fellow associates are looking for in their service providers. Customers learn you’ll work through any adversity to come to a successful conclusion. Vendors realize you’ll always be there thus they are always willing to go the extra mile to help you service the customer. Associates witness this and it cultivates a never say die attitude that develops the sort of team atmosphere that is difficult to duplicate or impersonate.

Thus, circling right back around to the customer being aware of this energy and wanting to be part of the atmosphere that surrounds the brand they are helping to build.

In the end, lives are improved, livings are made, and our community has a cleaner, more sanitary world to exist in.

Morgan Miller Plumbing will never give up , never give in, and never forget that we are here to serve. It’s that simple.

Morgan Miller Plumbing: Social Media Tips

Morgan Miller Social Media Tips

By: Morgan Miller Team

Making it about you is a deadly course:

There is always another way to phrase your message.  Take the extra time to figure out how to always make it about them. This will pay giant dividends for you and your brand.

Keep it light:

It’s hard for anyone to want to read a technical thesis about your cause. Make your message snappy and fresh. Allow your audience to be provoked and wanting more.

No bouncing:

Once you have decided to make the leap into any Social Media it’s crucial you stay in. Those who bounce in and out have a hard time gaining any traction with an audience.


Stick with it. Don’t give up too easily. It may take time, but all of the social media platforms out there will bring attention to your brand if you just stay at it.

Be nice:

Even if you want to jump into your smart phone because you believe someone just posted something completely insane, walk away. Your comments are permanent, you never know who else may be watching.

Best be Switzerland (Neutral):

An easy way to eliminate your potential customer is to start throwing your opinion around. This is a slippery slope that is very difficult to recover from.


As you start on any platform try to press a new button each time you log on. It’s a great way to stay plugged in and become an “expert”. Remember, you can’t break it!

It’s never too late:

The social media world is changing so rapidly it simply does not matter if you are just coming in to the game. Though it’s natural to think you may be too late you never are. The next update is forever on the way.


Morgan Miller Plumbing Featured as an 'Entrepreneur in Action'

Our fearless leader Jeff Morgan was recently featured in KC Source Link’s Entrepreneurs in Action series where he discussed his successes and challenges and advice he has to upcoming entrepreneurs.

kcsourcelink logo

Here’s a little quote from Jeff:

Ask for help. You are so prideful when first starting a business, that asking for help may look like defeat, but it is far from that! If you want more nuggets on that go to my Linkedin Posts as one of them is titled: Help…


Read the full article here.


Morgan Miller Plumbing: Goals Again?

Last week we started yet another goal setting campaign within our company with a twist.

This time we had two of our technicians carry out the mission to the rest of us. What a difference that made! Within minutes, some goals were stated that are going to change lives when fulfilled.

For instance, one associate wanted to go to school to gain better English comprehension. This wonderful high producing technician has been in this country nearly 20 years and has completely self taught himself English up to now. We admire anyone coming from afar to carve out a better life for themselves and their families as this takes more courage than we can imagine.

Long story short- We found a class for him that starts in a few weeks and not only is he going to attend but we have invited his wife of 20 years who hails from the same country to attend with him. That way he has a study buddy and the two of them can have a great time together. Of course we will invest the entire amount not just because we can but because we should.

Another techs goal was to purchase a motorcycle. He knew the color, type, price and head gear package he needed. He even brought in an action plan as to how to achieve his goal. You could tell this young man has given this project, this dream, this goal much forethought. Now it’s our job to help him achieve his goal, his dream by providing him with more work than he knows what to do with.

After meeting each and every associate our goals suddenly changed. Now our goal is to see our associates goals, their dreams, come true. This time, somehow, someway our goal setting adventure has taken off to become something all together different. This time we all seem to be in it together. Perhaps it’s because the technicians are leading the charge themselves, who knows?

We do know this though: We get to be front and center to helping people live a better, more purposeful life. Hopefully, if we are fortunate enough to be invited, we will be sitting front and center of that technicians graduation when he and his wife complete their English Comprehension course.

Just another delicious side treat of being an entrepreneur. Being involved in others goals and dreams. What more could anyone want or ask for out of life?

Goals,again? REALLY!!

Morgan Miller Plumbing: Five Fall Plumbing Tips

Fall Plumbing Tips

High school football, seasonal allergies and the return of jacket weather—they all offer unmistakable reminders that fall is here. And with the return of cooler temperatures comes the need for home and business owners to prepare their properties for winter.

While there are many aspects of your home that need seasonal attention, one of the most important is your plumbing. Why? Because failing to prepare your pipes and faucets for freezing temps can leave you cleaning up massive water damage in the middle of an ice storm. (Not only do we know you’ll want to avoid this scenario, we also think you’ll want to skip the bill that comes with it!)

So instead of taking your chances and playing the odds that nothing will go wrong, our Master plumbers at Morgan Miller Plumbing suggest you take advantage of any remaining nice weather and use it to prepare your plumbing for winter. We’ve even created a list of five tips to get you started:

  1. Disconnect your outside water hoses from the faucets. Leaving them connected can cause your faucets and pipes to break when the water remaining inside freezes and expands.
  2. While you’re outside, check to make sure those faucets aren’t leaking. If they are, have them repaired before the first hard freeze to keep them from cracking. If they’re all in good shape, turn off the shut-off valve to the exterior plumbing.
  3. Go ahead and stay outside a little longer and cover your exterior plumbing. At minimum, wrapping and securing a towel around the faucets is helpful, but we recommend purchasing insulation kits from local home stores for the best protection, especially those on north walls.
  4. Okay, you can go inside now, but only to the garage. Any pipes here or in other unheated areas of your property will need to be insulated. You can apply heat tape or thermostat-controlled heated cables to exposed pipes or those in danger of freezing.
  5. Next, turn your attention inside by focusing on your water heater. This essential piece of equipment works overtime in the winter, so flush it out and rinse away any built-up sediment. This will help reduce wear and tear and increase its efficiency.

If those five aren’t enough, we also suggest inspecting and cleaning out your sump pump, which can cause major damage if it freezes or if the discharge line is blocked, and cleaning out your gutters to help water drain properly away from your house.

At Morgan Miller Plumbing, we’re always ready to help you out of a plumbing mess, but we’d rather help you with preventative maintenance—for your sake. So if you see any potential issues during your fall plumbing preparation, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll do our best work—any time and every time—to make sure you avoid costly disasters and pesky problems. And don’t forget, our services include water heaters and sump pumps, and we can help you make the necessary replacements or repairs before the cold of winter sets in.

So do yourself a favor. Take the time this fall to prepare your plumbing for the cold. While there’s always a chance you’ll regret not being ready for winter, you’ll never be sorry you played it safe.