5 common winter plumbing problems

Winter is here which means snowfalls, early sunsets and cold temperatures. Although the snowflakes and holiday traditions can make winter a magical season, it can also wreak havoc on your home! Take a proactive approach to protecting your home this season from these 5 common plumbing problems.

Frozen pipes

When the temps dip below freezing, leave a steady drip of water running from the faucet and leave your cabinet doors open. Don’t turn down your thermostat too low while you’re gone for the holidays; it won’t be worth the saved money to come home to standing water in the kitchen. Know where your main water supply is. If your pipes freeze or burst, shut off your main water supply and call your local plumber immediately.

Broken water line

Water line leaks and breaks are common due to a frozen garden hose. Cover irrigation systems and disconnect hoses to protect your home from freeze ups. Clear lines of standing water and turn off any outside water prior to winter settling in.

Strained water heater

No one wants to wake up on a chilly morning to a cold shower! Make sure that your water heater is serviced and that you keep the area as warm as possible. Beef up your insulation and add caulking to windows to minimize cold drafts. Whether you find no hot water, a low flow or no flow at all, a plumber can help find a solution and get you back to those toasty showers in no time.

Clogged drains

Although temperature has nothing to do with your drain being clogged, the holiday season seems to heighten your chance of plugging up your system. With the big holiday meals and your entire family over at the house, garbage disposals and drains can be put under a lot of pressure. Don’t stuff the rest of your aunt’s “special” recipe down the garbage disposal and avoid pouring grease or oil down the sink. If you notice a slow drain, get a plumber out to your home before it gets any worse!

Malfunctioning sump pump

When exposed to extreme winter weather conditions, your sump pump discharge line can freeze and stop working, causing water to enter your basement and cause flooding. If you notice that your sump pump isn’t functioning properly, let your plumber inspect it before it damages your basement and foundation.

Don’t let the enchantment of the winter season be interrupted by a plumbing issue that throws a wrench in your holiday plans. Winterize your home and prepare for the harsh Midwest winter in order to avoid costly plumbing problems. In case of an emergency, have the number of your trusted plumber ready to go, so that you don’t waste time getting the help that you need.