Morgan Miller Plumbing: Goals Again?

Last week we started yet another goal setting campaign within our company with a twist.

This time we had two of our technicians carry out the mission to the rest of us. What a difference that made! Within minutes, some goals were stated that are going to change lives when fulfilled.

For instance, one associate wanted to go to school to gain better English comprehension. This wonderful high producing technician has been in this country nearly 20 years and has completely self taught himself English up to now. We admire anyone coming from afar to carve out a better life for themselves and their families as this takes more courage than we can imagine.

Long story short- We found a class for him that starts in a few weeks and not only is he going to attend but we have invited his wife of 20 years who hails from the same country to attend with him. That way he has a study buddy and the two of them can have a great time together. Of course we will invest the entire amount not just because we can but because we should.

Another techs goal was to purchase a motorcycle. He knew the color, type, price and head gear package he needed. He even brought in an action plan as to how to achieve his goal. You could tell this young man has given this project, this dream, this goal much forethought. Now it’s our job to help him achieve his goal, his dream by providing him with more work than he knows what to do with.

After meeting each and every associate our goals suddenly changed. Now our goal is to see our associates goals, their dreams, come true. This time, somehow, someway our goal setting adventure has taken off to become something all together different. This time we all seem to be in it together. Perhaps it’s because the technicians are leading the charge themselves, who knows?

We do know this though: We get to be front and center to helping people live a better, more purposeful life. Hopefully, if we are fortunate enough to be invited, we will be sitting front and center of that technicians graduation when he and his wife complete their English Comprehension course.

Just another delicious side treat of being an entrepreneur. Being involved in others goals and dreams. What more could anyone want or ask for out of life?

Goals,again? REALLY!!

Morgan Miller Plumbing: It's the Little Things

Morgan Miller Team

Written by Jeff Morgan

Here are some thoughts we teach our associates to live by:

  • Customer service begins when you wake up.
  • Every act is a marketing act.
  • Be professional – but more importantly be personable.
  • Customers can tell if you believe, you gotta believe!
  • You are interrupting the customers routine, give them reasons to like you.
  • Your expertise is presumed: Always give them more than they expect.
  • Make your service easy.
  • Say thank you – often.
  • Focus.
  • Compliment someone in the presence of others today.
  • Make your client feel important.
  • What’s the best service you have ever had? Give your customer better.

Morgan Miller Plumbing: Business Outfit or Is Business Your Outfit?

Business Outfit Header

We all get up and get dressed for the day at some point, right? And well if you don’t ever get dressed then chances are you live on a nude beach. But running a business is very similar to getting dressed. Let me explain my reasoning…

Stella and Jeff


Undergarments: Your administration team. They are very important articles of clothing when dressing; they support, cover, protect and, one can only hope, enhance. Your administration team does all of those things and their importance is crucial when running your day-to-day. You need them.


Shirt: Your employees. Picking the wrong one can ruin your credibility, mess up your whole day, make you feel insecure or show your weakness (pit stains). A shirt is what the people see and judge, like the employees.

Tosha mustache

Pants: Your customers. [Are you thinking, “this chick is crazy” yet? Yes? Good, you’re thinking]Your pants cover your legs and your legs are what support your entire system. Without your legs (customers) it makes things extremely difficult to maintain your goals. Customer service is key; pants are key.

Shoes/Accessories: The family/friends of the employees. These things are far more important to some than others. Here is my point, it is VERY rare you go anywhere without shoes, yeah? Chew on that for a minute.

Lastly, it is that final look in the mirror, the spray of perfume/cologne, the reason you reach for the deodorant, it is ultimately the way you want yourself portrayed. Just like your company vehicles, uniforms, pens, website, or facebook. It is what the world sees of you as a whole; how they are going to react to you when you enter a room, the tone you are setting.

Okay okay so I am sure you wanted a point to this blog, right? The point is: think about your outfit, thoroughly. Think about your company and everything that it entails. Do you like your outfit? How does it fit on you?

Morgan Miller Plumbing: Is the Customer Always Right?

Customer Image

Could you imagine going to work each day dreading the customer you are going to HAVE to work with? How awful would that be? By noon, you’d want to walk out. There is no way a company would stay positive. You could put on your best “fake” voice, but you can only put up with so much disrespect.

Though “the customer’s always right” is commonly accepted, we have learned to say goodbye to many customers over the years. Now, don’t get me wrong…we do NOT take saying goodbye to customers lightly. It is the last thing we want to do, but sometimes in the service industry, it must be done. Confidence in your product or service helps. If you know that your service/product, customer service, work force, and follow up is superb, it’s much easier to say goodbye, though you often wonder why.

Depending on what the customer does to disrespect one of our members, we will generally go through the pros and cons of letting them go, then come to a consensus. Watching fellow employees react to process of “firing a customer” can sometimes be a treat. I say that because in that moment, the employee realizes that the company has their back, no matter what. That in turns creates a workforce that wants the same goals as you, and knows that treating a customer with the upmost respect is extremely important. No one wants to let anyone go after having a bad day, but you also shouldn’t have to bend so far over backwards that you nearly break yourself.

Our workforce knows to do anything and everything possible to ensure our customers plumbing problems are solved quickly, quietly, and neatly. Yet, sometimes this isn’t good enough for some individuals. Constant complaining about pricing, swearing at our technicians, or yelling at the office staff… All of these things and many more are huge red flags to us. It is just like an unhealthy relationship, you know the signs that point to “kick em to the curb” route. Because we do know when to stop bending backwards, we know have many happy, nice, and respectful customers. They then send all their nice family and friends our way. Just remember, you are human too and don’t deserve to be disrespected, at all. Stand up for yourself, employees, and business.

Customer Image 2